ZUM GROUP and ZUM TV is a lifestyle Video Chanel for TV Personalities and Their Profiles that you will watch soon in different TV Chanel around the world.
It was founded by Madeleine Kwema and David Bandeke, then two years ago Joined by Fanta Doucoure, Tanya Louis to cover all events, Interview, Documentaries, Car Poll Entertainment, for covering the all Quebec By connecting with Duvalier Monkam the Toronto best known Radio presenter and French Celebrities Actor,
The Chanel is the longest-running lifestyle programme in Canada since 2015 In addition to a variety of presenters, there is a voice over and Blogs guide throughout the programme. A Subscription Screaming Chanel will be launched in February 2018, for all paid view Videos such as education program, business coaches, TV Show and more,
All video makers can upload their videos for million viewers.
Different banners for advertisement are available in all Conners of the platform,

4K/360 Cameras
Snapchat Geofilters
V.I.P Parties

Launch Project

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